Home & Contents Insurance

Home insurance provides protection for your buildings and contents against a range of insurable events or accidents.

Why would I need home insurance?B & L Financial Services

Home insurance provides protection for your home and personal belongings providing funds to replace them should they be lost, damaged or stolen as a result of an insurable event.
How much of a financial strain would it be for you to replace of all the possessions you own, or to find the money needed to re-build your house in the event of total loss.
Additionally, for those people who have the need for a mortgage over their property, most banks will generally require that you adequately insure your home as a condition of the loan to ensure that they are covered should anything occur to destroy the building.

What if I’m renting?

Just because you don’t own the house, doesn’t mean you have to remain uninsured. You can insure your contents to ensure that your possessions are covered against a range of insurable events.

Popular Options available (options vary between policies and providers)B & L Financial Services

New-for-old replacement cover

Many Home & Contents Insurance policies include new–for–old replacement cover, which means that items claimed upon are replaced with the nearest equivalent new item.

Valuable items cover

Your jewellery, watches, items containing gold or silver, collections of stamps, coins and medals, cameras, sporting gear and battery-operated electronic equipment are all classed as valuable items. Some items will need to be listed for additional cover due to value. Additional cover for valuable items is available as an extra cost option

Motor Burnout ⁄ Fusion

You may be covered for the burning out or fusing of household electric motors less than 11 years old, which are part of the insured Home or Contents.

Accidental Damage

Will cover you for accidental loss or damage at the insured address such as accidentally dropping a heavy saucepan onto your kitchen tiles or accidentally spilling a bottle of red wine on your carpet.

Liability Cover

Many Home & Contents Insurance policies include liability cover which covers you against any claim for compensation or expenses which you become legally liable to pay for the death of/or personal injury to, any person or the loss of, or damage to property resulting from an incident. Liability cover does vary depending on the type of policy taken out.

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